Ulcerative Colitis

I had been suffering with a bleeding bowel for some time which was not getting any better. I first made an appointment at the doctors who advised I went in hospital for an investigation, which would involve an examination of the bowel.

At this point feeling anxious about my symptoms and dreading going in hospital I remembered going to see Mr. Atul Shah a naturopath some
time ago with rather an upset stomach. This time I feared my symptoms were much worse than before but I decided to make an appointment with him and seek his advice.

At this stage I was becoming very worried about the bleeding and was surprised to be told that what I was experiencing was not out of the ordinary and was due to an accumulation of toxins in my system.

After the consultation with Mr. Shah I was given a set of instructions to follow including daily exercise introducing certain foods and what to stay away from.

After a short space of time the bleeding stopped and with it a tremendous sense of well being was felt. I am in no doubt that by following the principles given to me by Mr. Shah not only cured me but has also led to a greater sense of well being.

Andrew H – York, N Yorks