Long Term Patient

Along with my husband and my family, we have been patients of Atul since 1993 when he took over Leslie Harrison’s practice in York.

I have been involved with nature cure since 1947 when I became a patient of Jessie Thompson at the Kingston Clinic in Edinburgh.

I have benefited from Atul’s professional skills as a Naturecure practitioner and find that he has limitless patience and a genuine empathy for others. I feel that I am valued as a person and if he can be in any way supportive Atul’s instinct is to offer help. This has been particularly helpful during the dark time after my husband died and my general health deteriorated.

Atul does his best to give patients the confidence and the knowledge so that they listen to their bodies and without spending money react accordingly e.g. cold compresses, hot and cold treatment, exercise, fresh air and a healthy diet which includes fresh fruit and vegetables.

E.W. S.Yorks