Knee / Sciatica / Back pain

I had been experiencing increasing stiffness in my right thigh and right knee, caused by sciatica. The stiffness was spreading from my knee down to my foot and up into my groin. My GP prescribed anti-inflammatory tablets which did not relieve the the stiffness, apart from dulling some of the pain .

I was prescribed different anti-inflammatory tablets which reduced the stiffness and pain considerably, but the side effect was to give me stomach pains. A discontinued the tablets after about 10 days and the knee and thigh problem returned immediately. The pain was worse at the start of the day, as I had difficulty walking because of the stiffness. As the day wore on that the stiffness returned, especially when I remain seated for some time. My GP thought that it was a combination of ARTHRITIS and cartilage trouble which might mean my ending up having to seek an orthopedic surgeon about my knee.

My stepmother, who has been a patient of Atul Shah’s has for some time asked me to go and see him.
I first saw Atul in April of 2000 He examined me and thought that my problems lay in my diet and in my back not in my knee itself. He advised me to follow a diet which has helped me lose weight (over two stones) and cleanse my bodily system.

He massaged and manipulated my back, neck and knee over series of treatments. This has been so successful that the stiffness in my knee and thigh and my sciatica have virtually gone. I had problems before when driving is my knee would stiffen up. However I was able to drive 360 miles in one day on my way to and from a or holiday destination in France with no ill-effects

I am very grateful to Atul for helping me to overcome my problem and heartily recommend his treatment as a natural, drug-free way of curing oneself.

A.S. E Yorks