Irritable Bowel

About 4 years ago I began with a bloated, painful stomach and pain in my kidney area. I was referred to my local hospital and they removed my gallbladder. When this failed to alleviate the problem I was told I had irritable bowel syndrome and I was prescribed various different medications but nothing worked.

I became quite desperate and as a last resort visited Mr. Atul Shah on the recommendation of my wife’s friend. I have to say I was extremely sceptical. Mr. Shah examined me and gave me a diet to follow. This excluded wheat, I had to increase my fruit and vegetable intake, eat wholegrains and avoid processed food. I also exercised and improved my sleeping habits. As a result my problem has totally disappeared.

The results were not immediate but gradually over a period of 2 to 6 months the bloating disappeared and I felt so much better.

My diet and exercise is now second nature to me and I have no doubt that these changes are for the better.

AP – E Yorks