Heart Disease

In December 1998 I was diagnosed with coronary heart disease, high cholesterol and arteriosclerosis, following attacks of chest pain. I was pretty shell-shocked to say the least, as I was always fairly health conscious, or so I thought! I was given and ECG and an exercise test, (which I failed badly!). When I saw the heart specialist he prescribed various drugs for me and said that I MUST TAKE THEM FOR LIFE. I told him that as a complementary therapist, I wanted to try and find a way to heal myself, using natural methods, but he was adamant that I couldn’t do it this way, and must take the drugs.

Needless to say, I didn’t, and after careful thought decided to use Nature Cure as my main therapy with some Homeopathy in addition to Reiki healing. Nature Cure is mainly about using diet, exercise and rest to re-energise the body’s vital force. The regime I have to follow was something of a culture shock for me I have to admit. But I soon began to really feel the benefits of the new regime, so began to enjoy the whole process. It felt really good to be in control of my health, rather than having to take drugs. Although I had masses of food to eat, I began to lose weight quite quickly, which was a bonus that I hadn’t expected. I was 2½ stone heavier than ideal.

I visited the heart specialist about 3 months later, supposedly to decide whether I should have an angiogram to further pin-point the problem, he was so happy with my progress, that he agreed that I might defer the angiogram for now, and see him again in 12 months! He was very impressed when I told him that my cholesterol was back to normal (4.5). He is not normally into alternative or complementary therapies but at the end of the interview asked me if I would consider giving a talk to some of his long standing heart patients about the methods of healing I am having. This was an amazing change to the last meeting I had with him.

In June 1999 I had another ECG which showed that my heart is back to 100% fitness, all the abnormalities have disappeared. My GP is thrilled with my progress and delighted when I told her that I now take a brisk 2 mile walk or equivalent exercise on my trampoline or cycle machine every day, she has agreed that I can now work full time again. She also wants to know more about Nature Cure.

I keep thinking about how relatively easy it has been to change my life around in just 6 months. From being told I must take drugs for life, to being back at work, full of energy, and feeling empowered by doing it my way.

If anyone out there really wants help with serious health problems, then I urge you to make the commitment to seeing a Naturopath. You have to be prepared to make real changes, no playing at it. Atul Shah is the Naturopath I see. He is extremely knowledgeable, very supportive and encouraging, you really feel confident that you are in good, caring hands.