Diabetes – Type II

Have you been diagnosed as a type II diabetic?

I was diagnosed five years ago and I refused medication. I was 76 and had always been a homeopathic patient, always very healthy needing very little homoeopathic medication.

I have been with “Nature Cure” for 12 years for massage so I turned to them for advice.

I was a one stone overweight and a chocoholic. I was asked by Atul Shah to bring my diet into line with “Nature Cure”. This I did. I ate fruit, vegetables and salads every day and for exercise I did and a four-mile walk daily and within two weeks my blood sugar was down from 18.5 to 5.4 and I had lost one stone in weight and felt fantastic.

Since then that I have kept to this diet which I do enjoy and I do walk round the village every day-about half an hour, more if it is a lovely day.

I would recommend this way of life, “Nature Cure” to all those diagnosed diabetic and all those not diabetic who wish to keep up a happy, active and healthy life.

J. S. Yorkshire