Dental Pain (Unusual)

For several years I experienced a dull yet persistent aching of my right jaw. It would last sometimes for weeks, and then disappear of its own accord, only to recur perhaps six months later. It became very wearing, and I was examined on numerous occasions by two successive dentists who prescribed mouth washes and antibiotics which provided only temporary relief. Eventually I was referred to Leeds Dental Hospital but none of the examinations was able to tie down the pain to any specific dental problem. I was then recommended to have neurological tests.

In the meantime I was examined by Atul Shah, who discovered a problem with my posture and tried manipulation. Simultaneously he suggested hot and cold applications to the right side of my face, which I put into practice during the next attack. There was a lessening of the pain, which quickly disappeared. It did come back on one other occasion, and once again the remedial action was effective. Since that time I have had two or more years with no recurrence of this phenomenon.

Mr. M T Knaresborough N Norks