Catarrh / Loss of smell / Lack of energy

Aged 32
Full-time mother

I first visited Atul in August 1998. For two years previously I had catarrh, couldn’t smell or taste food.
Generally I was feeling quite run-down. I also suffered from asthma and hay-fever for three years and during the summer months.
I went to the doctors for my nasal congestion. The doctor prescribed a steroid nasal spray. The spray had no effect on the congestion. I returned to the doctors to be given a stronger version of of the spray. Having used the spray daily for a month it had no effect.

At this point I decided to see a Naturopath.

After being treated by Atul over the past six months I have made various changes to my lifestyle.
I also see Atul Shah approximately every three to four weeks for massage.

When I began treatment for the first six weeks I felt very positive about changes in diet etc but did not feel much improvement in the nasal congestion. From October I started to have short periods where I could smell. This improvement has continued. It is now unusual for me to have a blocked nose.

My quality of life has improved tremendously. I have more energy than for years previously. In January I completed my first half marathon.

I feel very happy with my diet and exercising and know that the changes I have made a permanent ones.

R.C. – N. Yorks