Blood Pressure

I have been visiting Atul since 1993 having been introduced to Nature Cure by a neighbour, who having followed this way of life she lived to be 100 years old. Many times in the past when i have failed to follow the guidance of this gifted man, I have suffered as a result, during each session it seemed he was giving of himself in some indefinable way.

The nursing staff at the Home were concerned my blood pressure was consistently high and although my GP and the Consultant were aware of this they did not wish to prescribe medication at this stage.

However, on my next routine visit Atul was immediately aware all was not well. First he gave me a massage on the cervical spine, then traction (I do not flinch now when his hands are around my neck) then he read my blood pressure- it was lower but not low enough. I was aware of his gift of what I call his “Healing Hands”.
To reduce my blood pressure which was, I gather in the danger zone, he prescribed a diet for 6 days. It would be difficult with, my age, disabilities and as a resident in a Home, but I knew without a shadow of doubt this time 1 would adhere to his guidance knowing with his knowledge extensive training it would not harm me.
Initially, it was very hard, but with the help of the Staff, I succeeded. The results were remarkable. These small salads had never tasted so good , one day 13 different varieties were chopped and arranged appetizingly. Exotic fruits from all over the world were brought in for me. At times I felt strange, but unburdened and cleansed. It was a difficult feeling to describe. I kept in touch with Atul.

The day arrived when i was to keep my appointment with the Consultant. Never before have I been so thankful for this challenging way of life. My progress was told to the Consultant, the copy of his prescription was placed in my file with the suggestion that I should try and abide by Atul’s guidelines, abstaining from red meat and salt and avoiding any package food.
It is good that this form of alternative medicine is complimented and approved by this Consultant at York District Hospital.

It is now up to me to maintain this feeling of well being.
Val S