Back Trouble

I first visited Atul Shah on the recommendation of my wife who was suffering badly from Rheumatoid Arthritis. Although I didn’t have much wrong with me, I did have a niggling and persistent back complaint which I had not managed to clear for several years. Atul took a holistic approach to my life-style and made several recommendations.

He also analysed my spine very carefully and performed some massage and manipulation which has totally solved the problem. On another occasion he diagnosed an oncoming hernia. The hot and cold water treatment he suggested also proved very successful.

I have to confess I have not followed the naturopathic lifestyle to the letter, it has proved too difficult, but I have improved with more salads, raw vegetables, pulses and even a cold bath every morning. One consequence of the cold bath is I rarely feel cold again during the day and often wonder why my colleagues wear so many clothes! Also the cold bath has solved a long-running problem of athlete’s foot.

Thank you Atul.

K H – W Yorks