Arthritis (2)

Oh! mister you eat funny you do!!!

Its OK to believe in God, Father Christmas and that there is a drug to heal everything! But, but food, but diet, the things you eat, no never, not a chance, that won’t make the slightest bit of difference to my health!!!!!!!!

Why should you believe in Naturopathy, when most people don’t!! I looked past the perceptions of others and decided to make my mind up
based on one thing, ‘Did it work for me!’

After being struck down by a nasty case of arthritis, I found movement of any joint in my body painful, this shouldn’t happen to someone age 26! A weeks exclusion diet, green and orange vegetables only then 3 months of a low > protein diet sorted the problem! No drug, only 7 day sick from work. Poeple with my symptoms can be laid up for years! Now I have used the good old ‘fruit and salad’ day (now officially an Atulism) more times than a care to remember. I use it like most people pop an aspirin. > A quick bounce back, I used it in Morocco when struck down with D&V it helped minimize the impact on my holiday. A viral infection that took a three dayer.

I would say that I view eating the naturopathy way as the norm, then I would its my32 year of it starting age 2. The most recent development is food intolerance testing, this has helped me direct my naturopathy diet with even greater effect. My intolerance’s, Yeast and Milk. Now 9 months into this I’m finding it easier to control my weight and quicker to build muscle.

Hope fully I will have many more years of Mountain biking, Climbing and Mountaineering all thanks to a bit of will power and advice from Atul.

S W – N Yorks