Acid Reflux / Indigestion

Having never suffered from indigestion or acid reflux in my life I suddenly started getting acidic stomach pains which were stopping me eating anything even slightly acidic and were keeping me awake at night. I put it down to eating too many windfall apples and waited for it to pass but it didn’t.

On my next visit to Atul I told him about the problem and also asked him to have a look at my back, which was slightly sore since I had foolishly attempted to move a cupboard a few weeks before. Atul immediately said that my stomach problems had been caused by my back! He went straight to the sore spot on my spine and explained that this was the area that controlled the nerve flow to the stomach. He gently massaged the area and manipulated my spine.

Miraculously, my acid stomach problems disappeared immediately and have never returned. Thank you, Atul!

E.D (Teeside)