Books on Nature Cure

The following books are available, with prices including postage and packaging. Please make cheques payable to Atul Shah.

THE HEALTHY HUMAN GUT: A Classic Re-presented £6.00 by J.C Thomson C.L Thomson

Truths about Constipation: Pressures of Civilisation: Who Suffers: Common Misconceptions: Habit and Behaviour: Emotion and Digestion: Dietetic Balance: Vital Importance and Bacteria: Soured Milks.


HIGH AND LOW BLOOD PRESSURE: Explanations and Suggestions £6.00 by J.C Thomson C.L Thomson

Effects of Fear: The ‘Social Poisons’: Breathing and Nervous Factors: Pressures in Health: Meaning of ‘Normal’: Nutritional Factors: Psycho-somatic Intelligence: Regeneration.


YOUR HEART: Prevention and Cure of Cardiac Conditions £8.50 by J.C Thomson C.L Thomson

Cardiology and Psychology Diagnosis: The Origins of Heart Disease: Excess Fluids|: Kidneys and Heart: Valvular Disease: Home Treatment Diet: Sleep: Relaxation: A Message of Hope.


WHAT TO EAT FOR HEALTH; Food Reform Explained £6.00 by B.T Fraser & C.L Thomson

Descriptions of Foodstuffs: Diet and Ill-Health Rational Feeding: Combinations: Diet for Healthy People: Food for the Growing Child.



How we breathe: Types of Breathing: Importance of Rib Action: Simple Exercises: Effects on Bloodstream: Fresh Air and Not So Fresh.


CATARRHAL TENDENCIES: A Manifold Problem £3.00 by C.L Thomson

Early Causes: Starch Excess: Waste Concentration: Addiction: Surface Signs: Eyes and Ears: Reproductive Disorders: Remedial Approach.


A CLEAR HEAD: Cultivating Confidence, Awareness and Memory £4.00 by C.L Thomson

Catarrh: Eyesight and Hearing: Dietetic Effects: Medication: Clear Speech: Worry and Tension: Eliminating Handicaps.


COLDS AND INFLUENZA: Understanding and Treatment £4.00 by C.L Thomson

No Mystery: Variability Chill: Crisis Effects: ‘Killer Flu’: Case Records: Deadly Foods and Drugs: Types of Flu: Reassurance: Eight Points.


DRY UP-NOT DRINK UP: Weight and Water £2.00 by C.L Thomson

Popular Fallacies: Tissue Tone: Vital Needs: Indigestion: Heart Strain: Kidney Overload: Constipation: Preferred Sources: Keep Yourself Neat!


THE FEAR FACTOR: A Fundamental Consideration £2.00 by C.L Thomson

Dominance of Fear: Animals and Man: Tension and Tone: Anger and Hate: Purpose of Fear: Positive Aspects: Remedial Factors: Proportion.


THE HEALING CRISIS: The Body’s Housecleaning £4.00 by C.L Thomson

The Purpose of Fever: Unhelpful Friends: ‘Never a Day’s Illness’: Blood Chemistry and Citrus Fruits: Misleading Claims: Acid Foods.


HEALTHY HEARING: How to Retain and Restore (Currently out of print) by C.L Thomson

Structure and Function: Memory and Recognition: Types of Deafness: Earache: The Inner Ear: Hearing Aids: Removal of Foreign Bodies.


BE KIND TO YOUR KIDNEYS: A Vital Consideration £4.00 by C.L Thomson

How Kidneys Work: Risks of Citrus Fruits: Water Treatment: Indications and Mis-diagnosis: Skin and Lungs; Excess Fluid: Blood Pressure.


LIVING WITH NATURE CURE: Philosophy in Practice £5.00 by C.L Thomson

Growth of Understanding: ‘Diseases’ Vs ‘Cures’: Immunity: Is N.C. Scientific? The Human Scale: Diagnosis and Treatment: Pain and Shock: Sleep and Senility: Instinct and Survival.


LOWER BACK TROUBLES: Practical Suggestions £3.00 by C.L Thomson

Diagnostic problems: Pains: X-ray Treatment – Bad and Good Manipulation: Self-Help: Guide and Ten-Point Table for Home Treatment.


THE NATUROPATHIC APPROACH: A Concise Statement £1.00 by C.L Thomson

Understanding Symptoms: Tracing Causes: Acute Illness: Patient’s Responsibilities: No ‘Remedies’: Methods: Communication Philosophy.


POSTURE AND MOVEMENT for High Level Health £3.00 by C.L Thomson

Circulation Occupation: Adaptability Structure: Legs and Feet: Skin Activation: Dietetic Factors: Mental flexibility: Inheritance.


RELAXATION: Tension and its Release £4.00 by C.L Thomson

Mind and Muscle: Techniques: Deception Inhibition: Conflicts: Tone and training: Action: Hypnotic Risks: Manipulation Release.


THE LIVING SKIN: What it Does and How to Keep it Healthy £4.00 by C.L Thomson

Complexion: Efficiency: Temperature Regulation Underwear: Water, sun and Air Baths.


VITAL CAPACITY: Making the Most of Life £4.00 by C.L Thomson

Vitality Energy and Durability: Behaviour and Build: Confidence and Stability: Stimulants: Toughness and Adaptability: Idealism and Reality.


WATER AND NATURE CURE: Advice on Home Treatment £6.00 by C.L Thomson

Primitive Water-Treatment: Vapour Baths: Effects of Hot and Cold: Simple Applications: First Aid: Drinking and Enemas: Drier and Healthier.


PSYCHOSOMATIC STRESS: Asthma and Allergy £3.00 by Alec Milne

Asthma in Childhood: Environment and Diet: Adolescence: Asthma in Maturity: Approval: Case Histories: Allergies: Curative Methods.


RHEUMATISM: Pain with a Reason £4.00 by Alec Milne

Case Histories: Types of Rheumatism: Climate: Acidosis: Emotion Aspirin and Cortisone: Dietetic Factors: Osteo Arthritis: Possibilities.


HEALTHY CHILDHOOD: From Prenatal Care to Adolescence £6.50 by Jessie Thomson

Preparation: Natural Birth: Bathing, Clothing and Bedding: Nursing Mother: Bottle-Feeding: Weaning: Sleep: Teething: Walking and Talking: Vaccinations: Food Tables: Exercise: Childhood Ailments: First Aid.



Starters, Main Courses, & deserts in around 15mins. Or less!!

You really could prepare a three course meal for four in 30 mins that would meet with all the health criteria. ( Highly Nutritious, Tasty, Cheap, Good to look at, High Fiber, Low Fat, Low Salt, No cholesterol / Low Cholesterol, Minimal washing up, Fresh, Gluten Free, Vegetarian or Vegan – What more could you ask for! ).


ONE PERSON COOKERY £4.50 By H Leslie Harrison

Easy inspiring and time saving recipes and suggestions



A brilliant introductory book not only for teenagers but for all.

Hydrotherapy, recipes, exercise and much much more.