The 21 Factors That Can Make A Big Difference To Your Wellbeing

  1. Inner Cleanliness
  2. Outer Cleanliness
    Chemicals In Cleaning Agents / Cosmetics / Polishes / Toothpaste…
  3. Pure Air
    Chemical Free And Fresh – Without Air 3 Mins To Death!!!
  4. Pure Water
    Best Source – Filtered By Nature in Fruit & Veg.
  5. Adequate Sleep
    Most In The West Chronically Deprived. Lack Of Sleep May (Severely) Affect Your Judgment, Emotional Balance, Efficiency Etc
  6. Ideal Diet (Natural Unprocessed Food)
    Simple Rule:- The More Processed The Worse It Is! Count The Steps To The Food Reaching Your Mouth. Nature Cure Concept Of Foods That Are Cleansing, Neutral And Acid Ash Foods. Weight Management Without Dieting! How Fresh Is Your Food? Grow Some Of Your Own Food.
  7. Adequate Sunshine And Natural Light
    Now Everyone Is Running Scared But Studies Have Shown That Sunlight (In Moderation) Very Beneficial
  8. Right Temperatures
    Too Hot Or Too Cold Create Stress In The Body.
  9. Regular Exercise
    Strength / Stamina / Suppleness. Endorphins – The Natural High. The Best Way To Get High Is To Climb A Mountain. Also The Brain Gets Better Oxygenated / Toxins Removed…- Better Functioning.
  10. Introspections
    Challenge Negative Thoughts And Don’t Let Them Overwhelm You. Do A Reality Check – What Is The Evidence To Support That View. Generalising Too Much To Arrive At Your Answers? Don’t Get Caught Up In A Cycle Of Pessimistic Thoughts. Realise That The Past Is The Past And You Cannot Change It But Your Attitudes To It Can Change Bringing Not Only Great Relief But New Learning And Opportunities.
  11. Avoid Social Poisons
  12. Aims
    Have Short, Medium And Long Term Aims. Important To Have A Cause To Die For (And Make Sure You Spend Time And Effort Towards It). What Is Your True Potential? Are You Working To Live Or Living To Work?
  13. Stay Young By Not Losing Your Childhood
    Children Are Always Learning And Playing. You Become Old Because You Stop Learning And Playing. 100yr Old Patient!
  14. Recognise Your Need For Social Interaction
    Realise That Part Of Your Human Need Is To Be Involved In Something Much More Than Just Yourself. Get Involved In Your Local Neighbourhood, Charity… Have A Life Outside “Work And Home” Which Allows You To Talk Over Issues In Both These Places.
  15. Having A Faith / Belief Can Be Very Beneficial
    Many Studies Have Shown That People With Beliefs / Faith Are Healthier. Helps You To Reflect / Meditate. Learn Some Simple Meditation – E.G. Watching The Breath. ( Good For Anxiety / Stress…)
  16. Self Awareness
    Are You Aware When Your Life Balance Is Being Lost? Be Honest With Yourself!
  17. Needs And Wants
    Are You Getting Your Wants Met At The Expense Of Your Needs? Recepie For Impending Disaster.
  18. Stress
    Learn Stress Management. (Does Stress Control Your Behaviour?). Learn About Getting The Best Out Of People Rather Than Concentrating On Their Weaknesses. Learn To Look At The Bigger Picture. “Accept The Things You Cannot Change”
  19. Physical Contact
    One Of The Human Needs. Good Therapeutic Massage Is Grossly Underrated For Its Benefits.
  20. Learn Time Management
  21. Nurturing Relationships