Naturopathy / Nature Cure

Naturopathy / Nature Cure

Nature Cure / Naturopathy is the art and science of living in harmony with nature. Just as there are laws relating to gravity, chemical reactions etc there are laws relating to health.

Nature Cure ( Naturopathy) looks at how the effects of violation of natural law create dis-ease. The basic tenets of Nature Cure is that the only way to health is by removing causes and creating conditions for recovery. Nature Cure practitioners are more interested in causes than symptoms. Symptoms are regarded as a cry for help by the body. Suppressing the symptoms by any means be they so-called “natural” or synthetic does not result in the removal of the underlying causes and as such brings only temporary relief.

The evidence of this can be seen in the tremendous increase in chronic disease in our society despite billions being spent on health care. Suppressing symptoms (example using anti-inflammatory drugs or herbs to stop inflammation) is akin to muffling a fire alarm that is ringing without dealing with the cause of the fire.

Unlike conventional medicine Nature Cure is based on the study of health rather than disease. Studying disease will reveal much about disease but very little about health. The early pioneers did not study people who were ill but sought out individuals and communities who showed a remarkable level of health and looked for the common factors that may have been influencing good health. Nature Cure is a science based on health as opposed to medicine based on a science of disease.


Nature Cure Practitioner ( Naturopath)

The role of a Nature Cure practitioner ( or Straight Naturopath) is to identify lifestyle factors and habits that are creating the problem as well as to identify areas of lifestyle that are deficient which should be helping the patient to recover. The patient is then supported to make the necessary changes to affect a recovery. The practitioner may also give remedial massage and manipulation to release blockages to affect recovery.

The primary role of the practitioner is as an educator.
Nature Cure has a deep but very simple philosophy which once mastered will truly help you to become your own healer.

The philosophy is that healing is a normal, natural function which happens when the obstacles are removed and the right raw materials are available for it to take place.

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