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Atul Shah graduated from the University of Bath in the 1982 with an honours degree in pharmacy. It was whilst he was studying at university that he started to question the whole business of why people felt ill as opposed to what you could do once you had the illness. After much soul-searching and research he came to the conclusion that causes were much more important than symptoms. Furthermore modern medicine was virtually only treating symptoms rather than looking at causes (and not till the causes are tackled can you get a true recovery). We can see many people who have been treated by conventional medical means get worse over the years. This is of course because the basic underlying causes are not addressed. (It would seem that common sense which we apply in lots of other situations in life is often lacking in terms if our health. Would you keep going to the same garage with your car if they were unable to fix the problem and over a long time the problem not only got worse but you started to get additional problems as well. Masking the symptoms for example with a painkiller is akin to turning the radio up in a car that’s making funny noises).

IMPORTANT NOTE:- Please do understand that if you are taking medication you should not stop immediately (NOR WOULD WE ASK YOU TO) but as your health improves the need for medication automatically decreases

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Atul then looked at various alternative therapies and these were providing a much better way of dealing with the symptoms but in his opinion they still failed to look at fundamental causes. (For example if you are not getting enough sleep and that is the cause of your headaches then you need more sleep and not better painkillers, stimulants, mental techniques to suppress a headache etc. In reality things are of course much more complicated than this example as often there are multiple causes coming together to create the situation).

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Atul eventually arrived at the conclusion that way you live must have much to do with what happens to you. At this stage he had not yet heard of Nature Cure or Naturopathy.

Atul moved to York to undertake a three-year full-time apprenticeship based training in Naturopathy with some of the leading Naturopaths in Britain. On completing his Naturopathic training a further two-year postgraduate training in Osteopathy was taken with the Northern Counties School of Osteopathy.

Atul Shah has been successfully treating patients since 1989. He has a proven track record in helping people to achieve real health gains. The programme provided includes education, support, help and guidance in a non judgemental way. The programme also includes therapeutic massage and gentle but effective manipulation (it often comes as surprise to many who have had manipulation in the past that effective manipulation needn’t hurt!) CLICK HERE TO GO TO TESTIMONIES

Atul Shah has lectured widely throughout the UK on the subject of health and disease to the general public as well as being a tutor on the postgraduate Naturopathic training programme run by the Incorporated Society of Registered Naturopaths. He has held various posts within the Incorporated Society of Registered Naturopaths ranging from President, Council member, member of the Education Committee and served on the Naturopathic Council.

Atul has also lectured at various universities.

Atul Shah is a member of The Incorporated Society of Registered Naturopaths, The British Register of Naturopaths, The Register of Naturopaths & The General Council and Register of Naturopaths. He also runs seminars throughout the year. (CLICK HERE FOR INFO ON SEMINARS). If you would like to be informed of forthcoming events please send an e-mail to Atul@NatureCure.Co.Uk with the subject heading SEMINAR.

Atul Shah is available as a speaker for public lectures (generally only requires travelling costs to be met). If you would like him as a speaker please contact him at the address/telephone/e-mail address above.
Atul not only talks the talk but can be seen walking the walk!
Atul is also a keen long-distance cyclist and hiker.