Asthma / Knee / Ankle

Mathew’s recovery from Asthma, Knee & Ankle Trouble

My son aged 8 developed a nasty cough – he wasn’t well, our G.P. told me not to fuss he was okay. A few days later we had to return and I pushed him to re-examine my son. Our G.P. was in rather a spin when Matthew only achieved a third of his potential on a peak-flow metre – Matthew has asthma.

He gave Matthew 2 inhalers, syrup and steroids all very necessary our G.P. said. I was terrified – all that medication. I rang my father (who is a chronic asthmatic) he too was very upset at the amount of drugs that had been thrown at Matthew and suggested I got a second opinion.

I knew I had to get Matthew to Atul Shah, our Naturopath. Atul guided us through treatments and within 2 years Matthew had fully recovered – no more asthma.

Also from the age of 10 Matthew has had knee trouble. We spent over 3 years going backwards and forwards to our G.P and the practice physiotherapist, but still his problems persisted. We were finally told he should either give up football or put up with the pain.

In September 1998 Matthew went back to Atul Shah who recommended rest along with hydrotherapy and diet regime. 5 months later he is back playing sport without pain, without swelling and with the knowledge he actively played a part in his recovery.

It appears that Matthew’s knee problems were due to repetitive strain and an ankle misalignment sustained 4 years earlier. If he had continued playing he would have caused permanent damage to his knee making it impossible to play any sport in the future.

N. Yorks