Arthritis / Gout

Arthritis and Gout in Both Hands

You will recall that I came to you in September 2001 seeking help as I was suffering from arthritis and gout in the fingers of both hands. The pain had reached a level where shaking hands with anyone was a problem and it was becoming increasingly difficult to grip the handlebars of my bicycle. Although ten in my early 60s I still felt fit enough in all other respects and thus reasoned that I was not yet ready to give up cycling!

After four or five visits to you I was sufficiently confident and comfortable with the regime that you suggested for me that I felt it was not necessary to continue with my weekly treatment sessions. I did, however, keep to the guidelines that you had drawn up for me.

You did emphasise that improvement would be gradual and I should not expect problems that had taken tens of years to develop to disappear overnight. In this you were quite right. However, I am delighted to say that the benefits were apparent much more quickly than I had dared hope.

By June 2002 my hands were pain free and, thankfully, have remained so ever since. There’s also a considerable improvement in the movement and flexibility of my fingers. Occasionally, on waking, I will find a degree of stiffness in some fingers, but this always clears instantly with the ten minute hot and cold water treatment that is part of my regular morning schedule.

I must apologise for not writing to convey my thanks sooner that this but the last 18 months have been unusually hectic as I closed down my business upon retirement – a retirement that I not look forward to in better shape thanks to your expertise.

May I wish you continued success and, naturally, good health in the coming year.

A.L.G York