Acne Rosacea / Menstrual Pain / Weight Loss

I’ve had a problem with Acne Rosacea since the age of 15, since when I’ve been taking antibiotics, contraceptives and skin lotions to control the problem. Occasionally, these controlled the situation, although the side effects of reddened flaking, and sore skin were far from ideal.
I decided at the age of 30 that I’d had enough of taking such strong medication and wanted a SOLUTION rather than living with such an embarrassing concern. I was told by the GP that my condition was genetic and would not improve. I knew this to be inaccurate, not least because of the fluctuations caused by diet to my skin.
I was very grateful to a couple of friends who personally recommended Atul Shah. Within 2 weeks of diet tweaks and simple changes in washing my skin, the improvement has been vast. I’m no longer anxious about my skin; don’t mind being photographed and don’t hurry past mirrors when out and about. My friends have all commented only my improved self confidence. The changes I have made stretch beyond the improvement to my skin – my hair shines, I’ve lost weight, my IBS has disappeared and my menstrual pain has been greatly reduced.. This is the result of Atul treating the whole of the person, and not just the symptoms of one issue.
Writing this I realize what a vast difference being treated by Atul has made to my life – I’d like to thank him!
Ms G York